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Code of Conduct

The Vote Kaylee Galloway campaign for Whatcom County Council District 1 (hereby referred to as the “Campaign”) stands for integrity, inclusion, respect, and safety. All members of the campaign team, including candidate, paid staff, interns, and volunteers, will represent these values in all manners while being a representative of the campaign. All members of the campaign team will be required to agree to this code of conduct acknowledging they understand and are aware of the expectations.

I, _________________________, understand that the following values, policies, and practices

govern all employees, volunteers, contractors, vendors, and others working with the campaign. I hereby agree to abide by the following as a requirement of my involvement with the Campaign, and understand that failure to do so may result in my dismissal.

The Campaign expects all employees, volunteers, contractors, vendors, and others to remain respectful to one another, and to refrain from behavior that impairs our values, mission, purpose, or culture of empowerment in the workplace. The Campaign is deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and will maintain a work environment that is based on truth, ethical values, and is free from any kind of harassment, bullying, discrimination, or intimidation. 

As a member of the campaign team, I understand and agree to the following:

  • The campaign will:

    • operate with honesty, integrity, equity, inclusion, and respect 

    •  expect all participants to remain professional and respectful 

    • create a safe and violence-free work environment

    • remain positive, civil and not intentionally perpetuate any untruths about other candidates 

    • verify all information before commenting on or being influenced by hearsay or rumors

    • ensure full transparency including no conflicts of interest in team members or funding

  • The campaign will not tolerate:

    • any form of discrimination, assault, harassment, or misconduct 

    • any behavior that causes or threatens to harm any person physically or emotionally including physical or verbal threats, extreme disrespect to, or intimidation of any person 

    • engaging in disorderly conduct such as fighting, threatening behavior; sexual, gender-based, or other harassment, public disturbance, or drunk and disorderly conduct

    • any other behavior inconsistent with the standard of conduct expected of the Campaign or its commitment to providing an inclusive environment conducive to progress, empowerment, and political leadership

The Campaign encourages its employees, contractors, interns, and volunteers to report behavior that is unprofessional, inappropriate, unfair, or inequitable. Retaliation for reporting inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The Campaign is committed to ensuring that no employee experiences an adverse effect or consequence as a result of speaking up.

The Campaign encourages its employees, contractors, volunteers, and others to take action to make our community and workplace better. Everyone needs to do their part to create an environment that is more empowering, equitable, and enjoyable for all who wish to participate. This includes reporting misconduct and/or identifying inappropriate behavior as such when we observe it as bystanders.

Any time anyone feels that the Campaign could be doing better, the Campaign

encourages them to speak up and share their concerns. The Campaign believes that all participants have an obligation to do their part to create a culture that is supportive and free from intimidation or bias.

Team members are encouraged to report concerns to campaign leadership (the candidate, campaign manager, or political consultant). If they wish to engage someone separate from campaign leadership regarding concerns of violation of the Code of Conduct, they are encouraged to contact Natalie McClendon at nataliebham@gmail.comThey will be asked to complete this form to help them decide what action they are seeking.

The Campaign is committed to taking all concerns seriously and will work to respond to the situation accordingly. Any discussion will remain confidential unless otherwise authorized. While not employed by the campaign, this above-mentioned contact has also agreed to this code of conduct. 

This document is intended to be illustrative, but may not be exhaustive. To that end, we rely on each other’s judgment and willingness to take action in order to ensure that we maintain a workplace culture that is equitable and empowering. If there are any questions or concerns about how this code applies to a certain situation, please seek clarification from campaign leadership or the third-party contact listed above.

I hereby agree to and accept this campaign code of conduct: 

Signature ______________________________

Print name _____________________________

Date __________________________________

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